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Be the first to try our NEW FLAVOR - GUAVA 25%OFF

About us

About Us

Still in Brazil, Marcio was already saturated with the area he worked in, and had a huge desire to work in another sector. While preparing dinner for the family, he came up with the idea of working in the food sector. He did a lot of research to work with baking cakes. Tested several recipes and fillings, but gave up because the market was saturated with these stores.

When Marcio and his family came to the US, the desire was still strong and he realized he could bring a taste of Brazil to Brazilians who missed their childhood treats and also, of course, introduce this tasty and rich sweet full of spices like cloves and cinnamon to the American palate.

And so Yummy Honey Bit was born out of a desire to add to the lives of Brazilians living outside their home country and to Americans who desire something new.

Marcio invested in a commercial space in Orlando to build his own kitchen with professional equipment without losing any quality or homemade taste of his family’s Pão de Mel (aka honey cake) recipe. Our hope is for you to be filled with joy with every bite. .



Since 1966 in business in Brazil, our mission now to bring more flavor to America with our honey bites. We work to be recognized as a premium factory, making ourselves different by our outstanding products plus treating customer the way we love to be treated.


To always perform to our mission and continue to generate quality, well being and healthier products with national and international ingredients for our existing and potential new customers.




To provide quality services and products in order to meet customer expectancy since first step. It start by selecting the organic ingredients to be used and fresh fruits combined with brown sugar and chocolate 70% to make the delicious honey cake you eat❤️


To always seek improvement within our operations all the way to final product.


To have a trustful relationship starting with our employees all the way to our client.

We look forward to see you and your loved ones enjoying one of our delicious honey cakes.

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